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Do You Value YOUR Value

Does this sound familiar…You have had an enjoyable weekend and Monday morning rolls around, everything you hold dear goes out the window! You have 15 things to do on your list, your family is going multiple different directions and it’s raining and gloomy…what thought comes to mind…what emotion does it bring…and most importantly, what’s your reaction to self and others? Have you intentionally thought about what YOUR core values and how important they are?
Over the years, in working with women, we have discovered that using your Core Values are critical in charting your course, staying connected and being focused driven. Believe it or not all of this affects your thoughts, emotions and outcome of your day.

How do I know what my core values are? Ask yourself these questions:

 What can I get lost in for hours?
 What ideas do you live by?
 Is there an issue/people group that I am passionate about?
 What do you stand for?
 When are you happy or most excited?
 What do you regret the most?

Ask yourself…do your actions line up with your answers? Some indicators of not using your values include:

 Feeling scattered
 Feeling disconnected
 Sensing a void
 Lack of purpose
 Lack of direction
 Lack of identity

So, if you find yourself saying one thing but doing another there is a possibility you’re not preparing your days according to what’s unique about YOU but rather letting status quo rule your day. “If roles (the many hats you wear: home, career, family, church etc.) are the ship, core values and beliefs are what steer the ship. They are what’s bigger than we are, the unwritten guidelines we live by, the things we hold dearest.” (Katie Brazelton)

Coach Yourself:

What’s one step you could take towards aligning YOUR core values with your day today?


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