Life transition and change can be hard. If your life has shifted, or you find yourself in unfamiliar territory because you are in a new season of life, coaching can help.

Life transition coaching is a process that empowers individuals to take proactive steps toward creating a fulfilling and successful life during times of change. Allow me to walk alongside you to explore opportunities for learning and self-discovery. We will assess your unique core values, goals and aspirations during change.

Maryann's Office

Some things you may discover are ways to:

  1. Recognize and leverage your strengths and values
  2. Build your resilience
  3. Boost your confidence
  4. Overcome self-limiting beliefs

Together we will develop an action plan to lessen fear, doubt, and anxiety of the unknown and start to establish new ways of coping.

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Maryann brings her own life experience and transparency of motherhood, depression, loving Christ, and her grief journey of losing her husband to her unique Coaching style. Her heart to connect and have meaning will be sure to resonate with your heart’s song.

Maryann Krabbe
“I found myself in a place of emotional unrest. I was questioning my path and purpose and also getting bogged down with future fears that were not even my reality. Maryann’s coaching equipped me to interrupt this downward spiral of never-ending ‘what ifs.’ This helps to quiet my mind and focus my outlook of what is truth for right now, today. It’s a journey, and I certainly don’t have it all figured out! However, this approach helps to restore so much hope and energy for me. It allows me to be present in the moment knowing that God will give me what I need for today.”
– Sara
“Life coaching with Maryann has brought me peace with my inner voice. She has taught me valuable lifelong skills to better understand, feel, and move through difficult situations. I have learned skills to better handle the constant chatter inside my head, cope with the emotions that can override our everyday, and improve my overall self-image. She has challenged me to think differently, look deeper into my roots, and manage the very expensive tenants that reside inside my head. She has eloquently taught me to understand my fears, and greet them head on. I shall be forever grateful for the lessons I have received from her.”
– Julia

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