Devotional for Marvelous Monday

In my coaching practice, I see “second guessing” as one of the top 5 reasons women feel paralyzed. Don’t self-sabotage your efforts by second guessing your every move. Start trusting your gut, become familiar with that still small voice and risk a little! More times than not, that critic in your head WILL NOT outweigh your ability to have success!

This is a great devotional for a Marvelous Monday!

I hope your Heart Is Singing!

Read the Stop Second-Guessing devotional by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Devotional for Marvelous Monday”

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  2. Love your fireplace makeover. The wall color is so pretty. The fireplace itself looks amazing…especially when you look at the before. No offense, but that before was really bad, which must make the after feel all the more awesome. I really like how that clock looks inside that frame. Great job!

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