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QoR8Bv1S2SEqH6UcSJCA_TeaCan you believe that it’s almost the first of September? Where did the summer go? We have heard so many utter those words lately, maybe you have said them yourself. Well, as fast as summer goes and as fun or busy as it was, fall seems to bring with it the familiar comfort of schedules and routines that somehow make life feel more peaceful….then what stops you in your tracks is the long list of things that somehow didn’t get done or piled up over the summer! EKKK!

We at Hearts Song Life Coaching found ourselves in that very predicament as we sat down for our weekly, sometimes missed business day together. Our list was long, overwhelming, but never the less doable as we used our Life Coaching skills to take a breath, look at the steps we need to take, usually small, not large(it is better for your thought life) and begin to plan our work and then work our plan.

What was really fun as we began to brainstorm and dream about the things before us, the list became smaller and the inspiration was soaring!

Hearts Song Life Coaching can help you begin to tackle that to-do list with these simple TIPS:

T-Take a breath
I-Investigate what steps you need to take, not to large, but small and doable
P-Plan your work and work your plan
S-Soar with inspiration as your list becomes smaller by the minute

Wanting to know more about life balance in your day to day? Contact Hearts Song Life Coaching!

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