We DARE You!

Hi Friends,

“We DARE You” is our theme for the next few emails from Hearts Song. Why you ask? Well, I wasn’t aware of this but June 1st is slated as “Dare Day.” Amongst the many unique holidays, we have like Secretary’s Day, Grandparents Day, and even Groundhog Day, Dare Day stood out to me because I have some things in life right now that mean “challenge, or a call to action.” So, Robin and I decided that because Life Coaching is a gentle way to call people to action, we would DARE all of you to something that is calling your name.

  • What is it that you just can’t get out of your mind that you know you are being nudged to do or try?
  • What is it that feels risky, but you just can’t get over the hurdle to do it?
  • What is holding you back…is fear in the way?
  • Is it other people that are in your head saying no?

One November we were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and our son Ross was about 3. During our Thanksgiving meal, he decided it would be funny to crawl out of his chair and sit under the table. Not thinking Ross was having nice manners, my husband asked him to get out from under there and sit nicely at the table. Dad proceeded to follow up with the “spanking” threat and Ross, just like Ralphie on the “Christmas Story”, proceeded to say, “I double dog DARE you!” Oh man!! Needless to say, Ross was up in his chair quickly. Ross decided in his little mind that the best outcome would be to go with that nudge to get in his chair. He decided to do the thing he should do because there was a little fire under him! This brings us to our first letter in our DARE acronym, D.

D – Decide

Decide means to come to a conclusion or a resolution. So, when you find yourself second guessing or doubting, remember, indecision is a decision. Whatever it is that is holding you stagnant, that is the exact thing that could be keeping you from being all God has intended you to be!

Coaching Question:

  • What do you need to decide to do today?
  • Is there a fire under you to do something you know that will bring a better outcome for you, even though you may be scared or intimidated?

We hope your heart has decided!

Maryann and Robin




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