We Dare You!


We hope that you have “Decided” to accept the challenge of our DARE.

  • Has there been something holding you back that you finally decided to overcome?
  • Did you decide to step forward in something that God is nudging you to do?

If so, you did it…you took Action! This is the next letter in our DARE challenge and possibly the hardest step in the process. Decisions never come to fruition without taking action.  Remember, indecision is the decision to do nothing.

“It won’t always be easy to do what God leads you to do, but it will always be worth it – and He will always equip you to do it (see Philippians 4:13).


5 Questions to ACTION:


  • What opportunities or doors appear to be open?
  • What if you chose not to take action, what would look different in a year? Is that OK with you?
  • If it’s not OK, then what ACTION step do you need to take right now to move forward?
  • Action is hard work. Who would be an effective accountability partner for you?
  • What will you do to celebrate when you take that step?


Action is key in bringing the results to your decision.


We hope your heart is taking action!


Maryann and Robin


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