We DARE You!

Welcome back!


We trust that this last week has been full of Action! We know that we are not alone in the fact that there are times in our life that require a shift or a change. Until that happens, we feel restless, agitated, discontent…in other words…lacking peace. Deciding to take positive action will give a positive outcome and begin to renew/restore your heart and mind. This brings us to “R”.


Some of you may recall our class entitled “Renewing Your Mind, Restoring Your Heart.” When we “decide” to take “action” in a life area that needs change, your mind will think differently and your heart will be restored to a place of peace.


Restoration will allow you to:


  • Move forward
  • Experience a peace that passes understanding
  • Have a different outlook and
  • Start living that “change” you have been dreaming of


We hope your heart is renewed and restored!


Maryann and Robin


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