We DARE You!

Good Morning!

Welcome back as we wrap up our DARE challenge this week to bring you the last letter- E.

We’ve had so much fun lately preparing for our “Motherhood” class that begins July 11th.  In preparing, we’ve come to understand that one of the biggest struggles of being a mom is time management, or the lack thereof.  So, using this as an example in our DARE series, our next letter is “E”. Let’s recap:

  • The “Decision” is to get a better grasp on time.
  • The “Action” would be to come up with a strategy to accomplish the Decision.
  • The “Renewal/Restoration” of your heart should bring a new passion to move forward.

 But none of these will fully happen unless you:

  •  “Expect” it to. Expect means to regard something as likely to happen…anticipate, await, hope for, look forward to.

Our heart for you is to become excited about the process of change in your life and what it will bring.  If you are ready to “Decide”, willing to take “Action” with a “Renewed” heart, then you must be committed to “Expect” results.


 We hope your heart is expecting!

 Maryann and Robin


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