Stuck?? – Keeping The Peace Alive

Welcome back friends!

     We hope you are enjoying the spring time weather and are at peace in your hearts and lives.

     These next few weeks we want to make sure that the momentum of “Peace be With You” keeps rolling. We know that when life gets busy or issues come up that bring doubt, fear, being overwhelmed or feelings of anxiousness, our peace can subtly give way to negativity and wrong thinking. So, we want to spend some time giving you tools that have been studied and proven in the area of Positive Psychology to help you “Coach” yourself back to truth and a right mind-set.

     Each week we will cover a negative emotion, its message to us, and a question you can ask yourself to remedy your way through. These will be tools you can put in your belt to help yourself or others that may be in the same boat as you.

Let’s get started!

     The first thing that usually happens when we begin to recognize an uneasy feeling is that heaviness or feeling overwhelmed.  This can be a precursor to many other emotions, but many times it begins here.

The possible message:

  • I have failed to take charge of my own schedule
  • I have allowed circumstances and other people to determine my priorities or mood
  • I have too many things on my plate and feel out of control
  • My life is so unpredictable

     Feeling overwhelmed can be paralyzing in many ways. It’s important to recognize it when it creeps in and challenge it with some healthy questions. Redirect those thoughts so they are helping not hurting!

Coaching Question:

  • What’s most important to me?
  • What can I say “no” to right now?
  • How can I give myself more time by delegating or asking for help?
  • What other emotions are coming from feeling overwhelmed?
  • In what ways might these emotions be inaccurate?

 “Emotions are honest, but they are not necessarily the truth.” – Thomas Leonard

We hope your heart is overwhelmed with joy!
Maryann and Robin

Taken in part from CAPP Institute

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