Looking forward to Peace

Greetings…we have looked forward to our time together today and hope our REVEAL series has impacted you in a way that brings a fresh perspective to 2017. 

We would like to take an opportunity to share with you how these email blasts come about.  It’s been almost a year that we have been able to thoughtfully write and share with you on a weekly basis what we believe is God-given.  To be honest, there have been weeks that we sit and stare at the computer feeling at a loss for what to write.  But we stand in awe at God’s faithfulness. There isn’t a week that goes by that we aren’t amazed at His handy work. So, thank you, for spending a few minutes of your week with us, and we’re hopeful that what we have next week will continue to bless you. 

One of the things we find people seeking most is the need for PEACE in their lives.  Ask yourself:

  • What does PEACE mean to me?
  • Am I at PEACE in my life?
  • How can I have more PEACE in my life?

Join us as we explore how to implement 4 Kinds of Peace.

We hope your heart is Peaceful!
Maryann and Robin


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