Peace Be With You

Hello Friends,
We are glad to be with you this week bringing our second email blast on peace. This week we want to look at a sometimes-perplexing kind of peace for people and that is “peace that passes understanding.” Why would we say it’s perplexing? Well, it is a kind of peace that comes from a trust and understanding in God that requires us to “walk in Faith”, and to know that we know He has our back. This kind of peace is such a gift. It’s that knowing that everything will be fine, knowing that however things turn out, God has a plan that will be in our best interest, for good with a future of hope.

The hard thing about peace that passes understanding is that it can easily be squelched because of our human tendency to second guess and question the fact that in a hard situation we can feel peaceful.  Have you been in a hard circumstance where doubt and worry pushed out that peace that was with you, the peace you couldn’t explain?

 I (Maryann) have a Life Coaching Client that lost her husband in a car accident 1 year ago. She was left behind in a new community with 3 small children to navigate through her grief, fear and overwhelming sadness.  Some huge decisions were before her, yet she described to me a peace that passed her human understanding. She described it to me like this; “It’s like I am sitting in a chair sort of close to the edge with just enough room for God to sit behind me. I always sense a peace even when my sadness and anger flow or I feel without hope. God gives me a peace even though my circumstance is hard. I can’t describe it, it’s just there.”
All of us have had or will have circumstances that seem hopeless.

  • Are you in that kind of circumstance now? 
  • Would you say you are experiencing peace in the midst?
  • If not, and you are a believer of God, what is stealing that promised peace that only God can give? (In Ephesians 2:14 it tells us that Christ himself has brought peace to us through the Holy Spirit.)

Peace that passes understanding takes trust, faith, believing and trusting in things unseen, and a mindset that can see and be grateful for the blessings we have in the midst of the pain or suffering.
Joyce Meyer suggests that it is important that we learn to trust God completely if we ever intend to enjoy peaceful living, and while we are waiting for him to move, we can be thankful for all that God has done for us already.

We hope you’re choosing Peace!
Maryann and Robin


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