Compare No More!



Welcome back!

As we’re nearing the end of our “Comparison” journey, our hope is that you have a fresh perspective on yourself, the people around you and what you hold important. Comparison can be so paralyzing that we may miss an “Opportunity” (our 9th letter) that is before us. 

Being strong in who we are will bring new insight to the opportunities that come.  Maybe you will reach out to someone that you never thought you could approach. Or, maybe you will be so content with the blessings in your own life, that you won’t be tempted to compare yourself with others. What about the simple fact of just being “peaceful” with YOU? If you find yourself falling back into “Comparison”, here are some questions that may help you.

Coaching Questions:

  • What opportunities are before you now that weren’t present when you lived in the “Comparison Trap”?
  • With the tools that we have given you over the past few weeks, what will you use to keep “opportunities” open?

We hope your heart is singing!

Maryann and Robin

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