Compare No More!


Hello Friends,

When we take the time to look deeply into any area of our lives, it causes us to see things that we normally wouldn’t “Recognize”.  In the past four weeks, maybe you have found yourself questioning how comparison might be a trap for you and realized some behaviors and belief systems that aren’t serving you well. 

Our fifth letter in Comparison is “R” for “Recognize”.  Maybe you’ve never thought about the different kinds of comparison traps, let us explain. 

If you compare, do you find that you’re comparing yourself with people who seem to have “more” or with people who seem to have “less”? For example, “I wish I had more _________” or “At least my _________ isn’t like that” or “My children are never like _________.”  The two behaviors we are looking at here are jealousy and pride.  It stings to recognize these beliefs in ourselves, but don’t be discouraged! God has given us the ability to change the way we think. 

Here are some tools to help:

  • Gratitude – It is the shortcut to crush comparison’s stronghold and help you “Recognize” your blessings.
  • Celebrate – To crush comparison, celebrating other’s victories will put your mind in a healthier place.
  • Leverage – Celebrate what God has given others and leverage what God has given you.

Our challenge to you this week is to “Recognize” what you’ve seen and Celebrate by sharing it with us. Send your thoughts to:  Click on “Contact” (ignoring the drop-down menu) and that will take you to the “mailbox” picture so you can send us an email.

We hope your heart is celebrating!

Maryann and Robin

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