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Welcome Back!

We hope that in the last week you have seen how special your values are, and as you’ve been “applying” them, you’ve had an opportunity to see how this can affect your life.

1 Corinthians 12:18 AMP says, “But now, God has placed and arranged the parts of the body, each of them just as He willed and saw fit [with the best balance and function]”…

God’s asking us to use what He’s given us to its maximum advantage.  God has equipped us with values, gifting’s and very specific life-stories in order to impact someone or a circumstance.

In life coaching, we encourage clients to “Leverage” what they’ve been given, which is our third letter in VALUE.  Leverage, in this sense, isn’t an act of arrogance but rather putting to work to serve or enhance your journey.

Coaching Challenge:

  • If your “value” brought balance and function as seen in our scripture verse today, how would life be different?

Put your “Leverage” to work this week.

We hope your heart is singing!

Maryann and Robin

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