Getting to the Heart of Things: 7-Day Challenge

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Has this time of isolation left you feeling lonely, frustrated or just worn out? If you are saying yes to any of those things, I want to invite you to join me for a 7-day challenge to bring your heart to the surface and dig deep. 

Getting to the Heart of Things” will bring you into a community of other people who may have similar feelings but need to resurrect peace, calm and direction of life again. Through Covid-19, we have all had different experiences that have affected us differently. I want to bring back hope where it may have been lost. Let’s journey together.

I need you… you need us… to get to the heart… again.

April 27th will begin a week that will bring:

  • 7 scriptures of the heart
  • Daily video from my heart to yours
  • Private Facebook group so you can share your heart, too

A lot can happen in a week! This season will pass, so how do you want to feel in the upcoming days? What will you be able to share from your journey? Let’s dig deep into the heart of things with hope and see what’s there!

Cost: FREE!

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